Behance Tips; You are as good as your worst work


Designing your Behance projects is as important as designing your client projects. A well designed and presented project adds exposure and creates more traffic and followers for your account, leading to recognition amongst fellow designers, agencies and clients seeking experienced designers.

Here are some tips I prepared from my personal experience which is mostly in Branding Designs, using

As a designer you can benefit from this site in many ways including these 3 areas:

_1 You can use your Behance account as your personal website without the hustle of creating a personal website from scratch and buying domains and hosting services.

You can find two parts In your profile:

… The section on the left side is your personal information and CV, make sure you fill it all up. Be direct to the point, make people know what is exactly that you do and be approachable in the manner you describe yourself and your specialty, this is crucial in the bio section.

… The section to the right is your portfolio, make sure you upload only your best work. It is best that you upload only one specialization that you are skilled at, maybe two, even if you do work in different design fields, this helps identifying you as a specialist in that area, allowing designers and clients to find you easier and faster.

-2 You can build your portfolio and discover other great designers in the design field you are interested in, whether in the “for you” section or discover various work and projects uploaded on Behance. 

… Create collections where you keep projects you are interested in studying, getting inspired so you can scale up your design skills and your project design skills as well. Collections can be made secret if you wish to keep it hidden.

behamce tips-06


-3 Find career opportunities in the job section of the website.

… Use the filters available to customize your search.

behamce tips-03


-4 Use the search feature to find work for inspiration or designers with a specific set of skills, you can filter the results by location, creative field, time frame, etc.. You can search for projects or people as well.

behamce tips-05.jpg




… Presenting any project on Behance should be tell a story, a visual one. Most branding projects should include the story behind this project; ( who is your client, what is the project for, what is your role in the project and what is your approach regarding the design of this particular one), the design itself, font usage, color system, the rational behind your concept, any usage of a golden ratio or  a grid system, icons set (if available) and multiple well executed mockups.

… Before you get to design your project’s presentation and while you submit your artwork to the client for approval, you should design that proposal as a mini Behance presentation, meaning adding in the design, the concept behind it; the rational, fonts used, color system and some mockups, you can add or eliminate what you see fit.

… After the project is done and confirmed you can now use that proposal and add to it so you can upload on your portfolio, this way your client gets to see a well organized, interesting presentation that can help “sell” your design and find a ready made presentation for upload with minimal work of adding extra mockups and designs to it.

  • You can upload any of the design options you sent to the client, you are not bound to only uploading the approved version, and sometimes you can upload all the versions if you think they can add value to your portfolio and show diversity in your skills.

… A great addition to your presentations would be showing pictures and/ or videos of the design process itself, that would show the thought process and skill you have to other designers and potential clients.

… Presentations can be uploaded in separate images or in one continuous presentation (mainly used when you have overlapping elements between slides), but is you choose to have overlapping elements between slides such as the following images you should decide if you want to upload a single continuous image or do you want it to be in separate images/ slides as well. Separate slides is always preferred because it allows viewers to open each single image and check out your work where everything is bigger and legible.


Project view on Behance


How the artboards are actually designed with the image repeated on both slides to give the continuous feel to your presentation


… The project’s cover picture should be 808 px by 622px and it should include a design or image that is available inside the project’s presentation.

… Project presentations can be created optimally using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe illustrator, I use Illustrator for the artboards and photoshop for editing images and creating mockups.

… Artboards should be 1400px in width, images wider will be scaled down to 1400px and images lower than that will be uploaded at their original width which will be not cover the full width provided by Behance. The length of your slides is up to you, you can go between 750px or 1000px for example, you go taller or shorter.

… Always upload images that are RGB and are high resolution (ideally 300ppi even if your uploading to web).

… Mockups are important because they showcase your design, make sure you use high quality mockups and it would be a good investment if you buy your mockups and not use the general free ones. Ideally you should use between 3 to 6 mockups per project.

… You can upload gifs and videos to your projects and you can embed media and audio as well.



Features are important because of the exposure they provide to your projects and profile, as featured projects are always by default shown first when you conduct any search or while discovering projects, allowing you to get more views and get found by possible clients.

There are no set of rules for picking a project to be featured on Behance but there are a few tips pm hoe to increase your chances:

… Don’t publish your project unless it is complete and you are sure you will not edit any of it again, to do that you can upload your project and edit it until you are very content with the results and then you can hit publish.

… Upload high quality work and images, you can upload up to 50MB per image to your project.

… The amount of appreciations and comments and views do affect the decision of picking your project for a feature, but is not the binding rule.

… Ideally projects should include 6- 20 images and without the placement of a watermark over your work.

.., It is preferred that the cover picture of your project is a full picture of your design and not only parts of it or a zoomed in crop.



… When you buy an Adobe program bundle you get a free website from Behance, an ADOBE PORTFOLIO, where you can import all of your Behance projects to your website and then edit whatever is needed to be edited, you can add or omit projects, change the theme used for your website, add a personal domain name and you get free hosting from Adobe as well.

… Follow only the most creative designers you find so you scale up your inspiration, skills and design abilities.

… Use the search filters to know where do you stand between other fellow designers in your country or city, in your creative field as well or in general, though it is not an accurate result to showcase who is more professional that the other but it gives you an insight on your Behance status which is important for possible clients who uses this method to find designers for hire.

… Use the features available such as statistics, where you can find out which of your project is doing better and on which days most appreciations come at, and more other statistics to follow to enhance your performance on the site.

behamce tips-05


… Rearrange your projects, edit old ones and redesign their presentations, remove projects that are do not show your skill set at the moment, have only your best work uploaded; ” You are as good as your worst work”, but do not delete the project, instead click on the unpublish button, this way the project is not showing in your portfolio but you get to keep the appreciation and view count they have.

behamce tips-06

My Behance Portfolio for reference:



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